ART and Pam's
Eating Places Reviews

Well, this has come about because of our travels around the state.  Where ever we travel we always looks for those "out of the way" and "NO chain" places to eat.   They offer limited menus and "home grown" cooking.  Some are "note" worthy while some leave you wondering.  Here is how we rate them.

* don't even think about it
** maybe (if there is no place left)
*** good (takes care of the hunger need)
**** very good (worth the trip!)
***** excellent (worth the trip just to go eat there and you'll be happy all the way home)

We order just about the same thing at each Place so that we can be fair in making a "judgment" call to what the experience was really like.  At Cafe's where we eat Breakfast or Lunch we pretty much stay close to the same items at each location.  Mexican restaurants we order the same items for comparison.  At BBQ Locations we do the same.

We will be adding places to this list as the days go by, so keep checking!  We have about 10 more to add now.  We will try and give directions to each of these locations but in most cases, all you have to do is ask for directions once you enter the town.

"Dot's Cafe"
Claremore, Oklahoma

Open: 7am to 2pm Monday thru Saturday
             Closed on Sunday

    2 Eggs (over easy), Ham(good), Bacon,
      Hash Browns (real good), Pan Cakes, Tea, Pop,
      Coffee and Milk

    Hamburgers, Fries, Bowl of Beans and Corn Bread

RATED:  ****

Get in the car or on the bike and GO!

route 66 into Claremore, turn east (right) on Will Rogers, Dot's ahead on the left side after about 2 lights.

Price: 2 for Breakfast about $15.00, includes tip
           2 for Lunch about $15.00, includes tip

Limited Seating, YOU will have to ask about "where is the bath room" (hope it is not raining or really cold). Be sure to read all the signs posted on the walls.  Last time we were there, they needed a "home made" pie maker and dishwasher.
The People who work there are GREAT!
The locals LOVE this place!

Lucky's Cafe
Tahlequah, Oklahoma

OPENS early

   2 Eggs (over easy), Ham (very good),
   Hash Browns (Very good), Bacon, Pan Cakes (real good)   Tea, Pop

   Haven't tried

RATED:  ****

GET in the car or on the bike and GO!

Price:  2 for Breakfast about $15.00, includes tip

Very good seating, kind of hard to find but follow hiway 51 into Tahlequah, turn right (going south) at the 2nd traffic light, about 3 or 4 traffic lights later going south, keep looking on the right.  This place is very good, especially the Ham and the Pan Cakes.


JULY 28, 2014


Okay, we liked it the 1st time, then we liked it the 2nd time,,,,,then they changed ownership and,,,,,,,well,,,,, how can you screw up breakfast?  They figured out how, the ham was out of a "can" I swear.  The eggs WAY over done.  The bacon burned to a crisp, hash browns were just ok and the tea was terrible.

DRIVE ON BY!  FIND SOMETHING BETTER IN THE AREA.  IF WE STOP THERE AGAIN, IT WILL BE BECAUSE EVERYPLACE ELSE HAS BURNED DOWN and even then we will stand out in the parking lot thinking about it.


Green Parrot
Coweta, Oklahoma

Opens Early

   2 Eggs (over easy), Ham, Bacon, Hash Browns
  (real good), Pan Cakes, Tea, Pop, Coffee and

    Haven't Tried

Rated:  *** 1/2

GO and Eat!  This place too is worth the trip and not too far.

Price:  About $16.00 including tip

Limited Seating, Newspapers are available that someone else left, Great People, Fun Stuff to read on the walls, Good Food and is Worth the trip, especially because it is close.  Very friendly atmosphere.

Blue Stem Cafe
Pawhuska, Oklahoma

Opens Early

    2 Eggs (over easy), Ham (not good), Bacon (fair), Hash Browns (McDonald's has better), Pan Cakes (Blue Berry and Good), Tea, Pop

   Haven't tried and after eating Breakfast there,,don't think we will.

Rated:  *

Don't waste the gas or time

Price: about $14.00 including tip

Plenty of Seating and now I understand why.  Tulsa World did a review on this place and said it was good.  Don't believe it!



Bad Brad's BBQ
     and Steak House

Pawhuska, Oklahoma

No Breakfast
Not Sure About Lunch
Dinner until about 8pm
    (watch your days, I think they are closed on Sunday)

Rated:  **** 1/2

This is a great trip to make, the Tall Grass Prairie is Right there, you can go see Wooloroc, go on to Bartlesville and Check out the Frank Lloyd Wright Building and just have fun all day long on this one.

Price:  About $36.00 including tip and worth every penny!

Dinner was Ribs with their secret beans and cold slaw, others had Chicken and Steak.  Secret stuff goes on the BBQ and Makes for GREAT Ribs and BBQ Chicken.  Beans were very good, cold slaw very good too.  The Steak is Grilled right outside by the Front door and was GREAT!  Pretty Good Seating and Check out all the stuff on the walls here too.  By the way, this place has had reviews by "Southern Living" and even they rated it GREAT!

Collinsville, Oklahoma

Take 169 north through Owasso and on to Highway 20 exit (I think)(it will say Collinsville exit). Turn left (going west).  Keep looking on the left as you come into town.  Easy to find.

No Breakfast
Lunch-Haven't Tried

Rated ****1/2

If YOU like Mexican Food, then this the place to check out.  As usual we had the enchilada (cheese and beef) with rice and beans, along with the white cheese dip.  Food WAS GREAT!  Service was GREAT!  Plenty of seating and extra clean.  GREAT Place!

Price:  About $27.00 including tip

October 10, 2006
********We went back for a second try and this time, we are sorry to say, the food was not as well as we had had the first time so,,,,,we are going to change the rating to

Revised: RATED **


Knotty Pine BBQ
East 71st Street, Broken Arrow
about 1/2 mile east of South Aspen Avenue (South 145th East Avenue)

This is same (almost) Knotty Pine BBQ that was located in Sand Springs that burned to the ground some years ago.  The Food is still GOOD but a whole lot closer to home now.

No Breakfast
Lunch and Dinner until about 9pm

Rated: **** 1/2

This place is close and rated pretty good.  We order just about the same thing each time we go and hardly ever are we disappointed.  The first time you visit will make you wonder but it is worth the trip,,,every minute of it!

I order a Half Order of "Rib Ends" with Beans and Pam orders a 2 meat combo with Ribs and Baloney along with Beans and Cole Slaw.  We have never been disappointed in both the service as well as the quality of the food delivered.  Beans are always good and very hot (heat), Cole slaw is always fresh and very tasty but the good stuff is the MEAT!  Fall off the bone Ribs and great tasting baloney. You might want to buy a quart of their Sauce.  It is very good with great flavor.  They do have 2 sauces, one mild and one that will remove hair.  I really like that one!

Price:  About $30.00 including tip.

Bob's BBQ

Just South of Airport

Rated: **** 7/8!

An old standard in ADA.  Second or third generation and well worth the stop.  Very generous portions.  Great fries!  I usually order the ribs and Pam orders the chopped beef sandwich, which is huge.  They have good homemade pies as well.  Ribs are out of this world!  Be sure to ask for "their special sauce".  They have another sauce but their special sauce is something else!

Price: who cares!  although we paid about $33.00, it was worth every penny and did we ever leave very full!  It made this trip, about 2 hours, worth every mile of the wait.


Stonemill BBQ and Steak House
Broken Arrow, on Aspen between 71st and 61st streets.
Open for Lunch and Dinner until about 10pm

Rated: ****

This has been a favorite of ours (especially Pam). 

This is a fairly new restaurant and bar.  It's a roomy, lodge type ambience and the bar area has large nice dinner table with large TV's and a fireplace.  On weekends there is usually live entertainment.  And it's very family oriented. 

The wait staff has always been very friendly and we've always had good service.

The menu is large and the food we most enjoy is the ribs, tabouli and baked potatoes.  They have great salads, baked beans and good sauce.

Price: About $32.00 Including tip

No complaints on this great restaurant

Split Rail
Coweta, Oklahoma  (highway 51 about 3 miles north of Coweta)
Open for Lunch and Dinner until about 9pm

Rated: **

We gave this place 2 tries and ordered the same each time (ribs, beans, cole slaw, hot links).  The stuff was just OK.  Nothing to get excited about, but just OK.  If you looking to fill your need for something to eat, then stop.  Other wise, keep going.

Price about $25.00 including tip

Cotton Eyed Joe's 
Claremore, Oklahoma

Open for Lunch and Dinner until about 9pm.

Rated:  ***1/2

Follow Highway 66 into Claremore, as you enter keep looking on the LEFT side of the Highway as you enter.  It's across the tracks.

Pretty good stuff and, as usual, I get the Ribs with beans and coleslaw.  Pretty good but not one of those places that when I come I say,,"Let's go to Cotton Eyed Joe's"  If I'm in the area, I'll stop in and eat, but I won't just go there for that.

Price about $38.00 for Two

Mr. Chicken
Wagoner, Oklahoma

Open for Lunch and Dinner until about 8pm

Rated: ****
Follow Highway 51 right through town and just before you make a right turn at the light to leave town, they are located on the left (north side of the street)

The name says it ALL!  This place would make the Colonel re-think his secret.  The Fried Chicken is very Good, the sides are too.  Place your order at the counter and find a seat.  It will be worth the wait.  If you like chicken "gizzards", then is your stop.  I don't, but Pam does. Served HOT and Tastee!

Price: about $15.00




 Lake Eufaula (about 3 miles south of the Lake Eufaula Dam and highway 7)

RATED: ****

If you are looking for a good "grease" Hamburger,,YOU just found it!  This place is more or less a filling station, grocery store, bait shop and grill.  You can get a lot done here.  The Hamburgers are just very good and if you are traveling south on highway 7 from Lake Eufaula Dam about 3 miles on the East side of the road, it is a GREAT stop to eat and just enjoy a brief  break.

Price: About $12.00 (hamburger, fries and drinks)
White River Fish Market
North Sheridan Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Open for Lunch and Dinner until about 8pm

Rated: ****

If you like fish, shrimp, oysters and crab, then this is YOUR place to come to! Causal dining, order up front, find a table and wait (short wait) to a feast like nothing you have ever experienced before. We almost always get the fried "combo platter" that comes with shrimp, crab and sclupps and sides of gumbo (some of best ever) and onion rings (some of the best ever) and settle down for a meal.  There are many other items on the menu but this is our favorite.
Make an evening of this because it is close and not that expensive

Price about $35.00

Freddie's in Sapulpa

Highway 66 coming into to Sapulpa from Tulsa on the left side

If you like REALLY good steak and all the extra's, go to "Freddie's" in Sapulpa on Highway 66, just before you get into Sapulpa on the Left side.  Can't miss it and worth every mile it takes to get there.  Be sure to try their "smoke sauce".  This "Freddie's" is

RATED: ****+

About $55.00 plus tip and YOU come home very happy.

Freddie's in Mannford

Highway 51 on south side just before Mannford

Rated:  -*awful

We went there thinking that it would be as GREAT as the "Freddie's" in Sapulpa,,,we could not have been any further from that,,,I can make a better steak any day of the week.  What a disappointment!  They only thing that saved the dinner date was the fact that we rode the "bikes".  The bummer was, without a doubt, the food, the service and the outrage's price we paid. 



The Boundary on 66

I noticed this place about 2 to 4 miles east of the Round Barn in Arcadia on 66 and thought to myself, "that place looks like it might be a "winner".  Well, after taking the Grandkids, Mason, Madi and their Mother, to see the Round Barn in Arcadia and then on to the POP Shop just to the west of the Round Barn, we decided to head home.  But we were hungry and almost ate lunch at the POP Shop (which by the way has very GOOD Hamburgers) but we decided to head back home and see what we could find along the way.  BOY!  Did we ever hit it lucky!  This Place was Great!  The Bunch made me get out of the car and go check it out and if it was "okay" I was to give "thumbs up" sign back to the car.  I did even go in before I could smell the smoked ribs and ham.  I turn back to the car and gave a "2 thumbs up".

BBQ, Bratwurst, Hot Dog and Chili and every bit or bite of it was nothing less than GREAT.  They also have Smoked Turkey Breast on Friday and Saturday only.  Smoke Prime Rib too and there is even Smoked Brisket.  There are other items but these sounded and tasted out of this world.

We had the Ribs, Smoked Ham and Hot Dog with potato salad, bbq beans and cole slaw at a cost of about $55.00 for 3 adults and 2 children with drinks. It was worth every penny of it too!

RATED *****  just plain GREAT
worth every minute it takes to get there and worth every minute it takes to get home with a full tummy

Directions:  West of Luther (about 4 miles) and East of the Round Barn in Arcadia (about 2 to 4 miles) on the North side of Highway 66

Hours open are

Summer Hours:
    Thursday 11:30am to 8:00pm
    Friday and Saturday  11:30am to 9:00pm
    Sunday   12:00noon to 7:00pm
Winter Hours:
    Thursday 11:30 am to 7:30pm
    Friday and Saturday  11:30am to 8:00pm
    Sunday  12noon to 6:30pm

If you come this far, then stop and see the Round Barn (worth the trip for Historical purposes) Go to the POP Shop just west of the Round Barn on 66. There you can get a REAL Dr.Pepper, REAL Pepsi, REAL Coke, REAL Root Beer, REAL RC Cola and a whole lot more of just about every soft drink available in this country and beyond. People come from all over to see this place.  It alone is something to see and while you are there take a look around the parking lot to see car clubs, motorcycles and almost anything else that may fly into this place for a REAL soft drink and a GREAT Hamburger.

This makes a wonderful "Day Trip" following old highway 66 from Tulsa into Oklahoma City.  Be sure to check out all the neat "stuff" along the way.  Look to see just how much of the original route 66 you can find and don't miss taking a ride down some of the "still there Mother Road".  What a thrill!


 "S & J OYSTER BAR"  RATED:*****!



HANKS Hamburger's  RATED: *****